Essential Oils For Treating For Inflammation

Essential oils have been in use for many centuries in treating various medical conditions. Some of these oils have also been proven to be very effective in treating inflammation. The healing power of these oils is attributed to the potent anti-inflammatory properties of these essential oils. The working principle of these oils is similar to that of NSAIDs. They work by inhibiting the enzymes which are known for promoting pain, swelling, and inflammation in the body. These are the various types of essential oils used in fighting chronic inflammation.


This is one of the most popular herbs. It is used for adding flavor to soups, meat, and stews. Springs obtained from fresh thyme are used as great garnishes. The essential oils from thyme oil have potent anti-oxidative properties which help in keeping foods fresh longer. Additionally, the antimicrobial activities of thyme essential oils are helpful in treating major respiratory conditions including bronchitis, coughs and sore throat. Besides, this oil is used against the microorganism are resistant to antibiotics.


Eucalyptus is a fast growing tree whose origin can be traced back to Australia. This tree has a medicinal healing scent which makes it ideal for soothing tummy aches, chest congestion, headaches and stuffy nose. Eucalyptus oil is also used in purifying and clearing the air by getting rid of the harmful microorganisms. Additionally, this oil has potent antiseptic properties. It is therefore used for deodorizing and cleaning purposes. Traditionally, this oil was used as a powerful insect repellent. It can also serve as an antidote against insect stings and bites.


The essential oil obtained from the rose is known for its powerful sedative and antidepressant effects. It is very in treating insomnia, depression, and nervousness. Rose essential oil also works well for people suffering from low self-esteem, despair and grief. Rose has a unique scent which makes it ideal for promoting the love of oneself. People widely use it as a symbol of love.


Clove was used in traditional Chinese and Ayurveda medicine for warming the digestive system as well as addressing digestive complaints which include nausea, vomiting, indigestion, and abdominal pain. Additionally, the essential oil extracted from cloves has potent anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful in relieving pain which is caused by aching tooth or sore gums.

Bergamot oil

Bergamot fruit has a distinctive flavor and smell. This fruit is not edible, but it can be used for producing oil which has an invigorating and fresh fragrance. This oil is used for lifting emotional distress and physical fatigue. This oil is also used as an ingredient in many colognes and perfumes. However, you are discouraged from applying this oil directly on the skin since it can produce undesirable effects once it reacts with sunlight.

Supplements For Joint And Bones

These are the various supplements which help in preventing osteoporosis, maintaining healthy cartilage, and easing the discomfort caused by osteoarthritis. These products should be taken as per the doctor’s prescriptions. You are also encouraged to get regular exercise such as weight bearing routines and walking to make your bones strong. Anti- inflammatory foods are also helpful in easing joint pains and inflammation of the joints. Let us now have a look at some of the joints and bones supplements which will help you in building strong bones and getting rid of the various bones diseases.


Calcium is one of the essential minerals needed for the formation of strong bones. People who have inadequate calcium have weak bones which fracture very easily. Lack of calcium can also lead to loss of bone mass. The daily calcium require for women is about 500-700mg while that of men is 600 mg. Men are discouraged from taking excess calcium which might exceed the recommended value since higher amounts of calcium can lead to prostate cancer.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is needed in forming strong bones. Vitamin plays a significant role in the body by influencing the absorption of calcium. This means that you should take more vitamin D to facilitate the rate of absorption of calcium in the body.

Chondroitin and glucosamine

These supplements are obtained from a healthy cartilage. Research has proven that a combination of these supplements is helpful in relieving pain, improving the mobility of joints, and slowing down osteoarthritis which leads to damage of joints. Individuals weighing between 130 and 200 pounds should take 1200 mg of chondroitin and 1500mg of glucosamine on a daily a basis. The results for these supplements are seen after two months. These supplements are known for interacting with drugs such as thinners and diuretics. You should, therefore, inform the doctor in case you are taking these supplements.

Natural anti-inflammatory compounds

These include ginger, turmeric, and boswelia. These compounds are effective in treating osteoarthritis. You should consult a health professional or a doctor when you are using these natural supplements since some might interfere with other forms of medications. For instance, ginger is known for reacting with blood thinning products such as coumadin and aspirin.


This is a naturally occurring molecule which delivers sulfur to the cartilage. It helps in the building of strong joints. This molecule has been found to be very effective in improving the functionality of the joints as well as relieving joint pain. In fact, it has the same effectiveness as aspirin and ibuprofen.